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Coffee, records, books, a bottle of wine from time to time, these simple pleasures of life are essential components of a balanced diet. Although we wholeheartedly recommend going out in the world and actively engaging and pursuing these passions in person there is something to be said about the occasional need for convenience. Think of our wine newsletter as your gateway to a unique and personalized wine shopping experience.


After over two decades of experience within the wondrous world of (re)fine(d) wine it is still our utmost pleasure and privilege to offer our customers the following sommelier services.

Private or Group Wine Tastings

Our wine team is ready to help design, plan, and execute wine events for any occasion and group size.

On-premises Wine Cellaring Services

Looking for a secure spot to store your wine? Prefer not to take your recent purchases home immediately? Interested in reserving exclusive bottles with us? Or just curious about the high- life of celebrities like Jay & Beyoncé? Consider our cellar services. We're here to store your wines safely upon request.

Private and Corporate Wine Consulting Services

Looking for inspiration, help, and comprehensive services for your wine project? Our unparalleled experience, approachable service, and extensive industry network could be the perfect solution. We specialize in creating award-winning wine lists and pairing menus. With years of expertise and engaging stories to share, we're here to assist.


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Wine is fundamentally fermented grape juice, yet it represents a blend of passion, history, geography, and centuries of craftsmanship that unites us. It’s a fascinating dichotomy, right? Navigating the “fine” wine world—a maze of artisan complexity, oak whispers, and illusions—demands transparency, honesty, and a dose of humor and humility from us. Our philosophy? Endorse wines we’ve personally vetted, always valuing authenticity and integrity. We choose love over likes, substance over hype, without exception. Commitment to treating every customer with equal care, regardless of budget or status, is our pledge. With over twenty years under our belt, providing genuine advice and TLC is just our way of life. As the quest for the world’s most intriguing wines intensifies, we diligently seek value across all price tiers, often bypassing the “best” for the next discovery. And our Bat Cave? It’s where fairness reigns, offering everyone a chance at our most exclusive bottles at unbeatable prices.


Always organic, often natural, our wine philosophy is rather simple: We only buy and sell wines that make us thirsty. Fun or exciting, trendy or classy, easy-drinking or contemplative, every bottle we offer must be worthy of great company, uplifting conversation and a home cooked meal.

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The local neighbourhood provides a most beautiful backdrop for our ode to life’s majestic simple pleasures for kids and grownups alike. Part coffee shop, part wine emporium, part community center. Our usual, occasional and random visitors – from near and far – are the heartbeat behind our passion. It’s our privilege to learn and a blessing to serve.


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