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Coffee, records, books, a bottle of wine from time to time, these simple pleasures of life are essential components of a balanced diet. Although we wholeheartedly recommend going out in the world and actively engaging and pursuing these passions in person there is something to be said about the occasional need for convenience. Think of our wine newsletter as your gateway to a unique and personalized wine shopping experience.


After over two decades of experience within the wondrous world of (re)fine(d) wine it is still our utmost pleasure and privilege to offer our customers the following sommelier services.

Private or Group Wine Tastings

Our wine team can assist and/or manage the conception, planning, and implementation of wine events for any occasion and for any number of patrons. We have a storied history of creating unique wine shows. Numerous previous events have been featured in multiple media outlets.

On-premises Wine Cellaring Services

Need a cool place to store a few bottles? Don’t feel like carrying home your latest wine purchase just yet? Want to reserve a few cool bottles for us to hold on to for you? Or do you simply wanna know what it’s like to live like Jay & Beyoncé? Our cellar services might be in order. We’ll gladly hold and store your wines upon request.

Private and Corporate Wine Consulting Services

Need inspiration, assistance, and turnkey services for a wine project? Our unrivalled experience, friendly and humble service oriented ethos, and vast network of industry contacts may be just what the doctor ordered. From crafting award-winning wine lists, to creating wine pairing menus, or being recognized as industry visionaries for discovering some of contemporary wine’s brightest stars, we’ve got years of knowledge (and cool stories) to share.


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At the end of the day wine is just fermented grape juice. Yet, it’s also passion, history, geography, agriculture and the culmination of human savoir-faire over centuries that keeps bringing us together. How’s that for an explanatory dichotomy? To complicate matters even further, the world of “fine” (i.e. artisanal) wine is a complex maze filled with smoke (oak?) and mirrors. Transparency and honesty passionately shared with levity and humility best describes our guiding vinous principles. We sell wines based on first-hand recommendations only and we keep it real in the field. Love over likes and substance over hype – always! We take utmost pride in investing the same time and energy in every customer regardless of status or budget. Above and beyond TLC and unassuming wine advice rooted in over twenty years in the game is what we do every day. Demand for the world’s most conscientious and exciting wines is at an all-time high. Market prices are reflecting said reality. We continuously look for value at all price points and will routinely pass up what’s best for what’s next. (There’s no such thing as “best” in wine, but we digress.) Oh, and we even have a Bat Cave where everyone has an equal chance of scoring a bottle of our rarest wares at unbelievable fares.


Always organic, often natural, our wine philosophy is rather simple: We only buy and sell wines that make us thirsty. Fun or exciting, trendy or classy, easy-drinking or contemplative, every bottle we offer must be worthy of great company, uplifting conversation and a home cooked meal.

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The local neighbourhood provides a most beautiful backdrop for our ode to life’s majestic simple pleasures for kids and grownups alike. Part coffee shop, part wine emporium, part community center. Our usual, occasional and random visitors – from near and far – are the heartbeat behind our passion. It’s our privilege to learn and a blessing to serve.


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